The Matches

The Canada Match Trophy

The Canada Match is a Challenge Cup presented by The Canadian National Railways 1931, for competition between teams representing the Mother Country and Canada at the Annual Prize Meeting of The Dominion of Canada Rifle Association.

The trophy is a Sheffield Sterling Plate Bowl style cup with two handles, a lid on which stands a Victory Figure, a long stem tapering to a tiered and flared base. With the lid in place the trophy stands 657 mm high, 430 mm across the handles, 280mm in diameter at the top, 178 mm in diameter at the flared base. The Trophy stands on a wooden base which is mahogany in colour and which measures 134 mm high and 330mm square.

The History

In 1931 Great Britain sent a rifle team to Canada under command of Sir Lionel Fletcher, CBE to compete against Canada's best marksmen at the Annual Prize Meeting of the DCRA. Prior to that year no International team matches were included in the regular schedule of events. It was considered fitting therefore that a short range event following the Traditional Conditions prescribed for "The Kolapore" at Bisley be introduced. The conditions called for teams of 8 marksmen each firing two sighting shots and ten shots for record at each of 300, 500 and 600 yards within a specified time limit. The match was titled "The Canada Match" and with the assistance and generosity of The Canadian National Railways, the Canada Trophy was placed in competition.

The Match Conditions

The Canada Match is always shot in Canada, by a team of 8 firers, two sub-coaches, a main coach, an adjutant, a captain and 2 reserves. Each shooter fires 2 sighters and 10 shots to count at 300, 500 and 600 yards. Great Britain currently hold the record score in the match with 1199 points out of 1200.

The America Match Trophy

The trophy was presented in 2002 on the occasion of the first match. It was made possible by the fund-raising effort of Precision Shooting Magazine. The two figures depicted in the sculpture are the Canadian Jim Thompson, and Alan Warner (standing) of the United States. George Chase a member of the DCRA from New Brunswick was commissioned to design and make the trophy.

The Competition Background

First shot in 2002, the match was can only take place when an official US team is present and competing. The intent is to hold the match every two years. In 2010, the match will be held during the DCRA Meeting at Connaught ranges in Ontario, Canada.

In the inaugural match in 2002, USA, Canada, Great Britain and Germany competed for the trophy. On that occasion, Great Britain won the match from Canada with a margin of 48 points with USA a further 9 points behind them. John Pugsley made the top score of the day dropping only 2 points for a 298.30. At the next match in Raton, New Mexico, the USA beat Great Britain.

The Match Conditions

A team of 8 shooters, two sub-coaches, a main coach, an adjutant, a captain and 2 reserves. Each firer shoots 2 sighters and 15 shots to count at 300, 600, 900 and 1000 yards (or 300, 600 yards and 800 and 900 metres as appropriate to the venue).