Peter Griggs

Peter Griggs (senior in years) started rifle shooting in 1966 at his hometown indoor .22 range in Ashford (Kent) and soon made his mark in both junior and senior county teams before progressing to Full-bore in the late .303 / early 7.62 days. This will be Peter’s fourth tour with a Great Britain team the others were Canada 2000, New Zealand 2003, and South Africa 2006. He is looking forward to returning to Canada 10 years after his first tour and showing that at 56 (oops!), he is still capable at a few things. He has just taken up another frustrating sport – golf and finds that poor shooting excuses work just as well for poor golf shots.

He currently shoots full-bore for the Kent County Rifle Assn and the IBIS Rifle Club. He keeps his eye-in during the winter months with small-bore shooting at the East Bristol Rifle and Pistol Club and with Gloucestershire County.

Peter, an Aircraft Structures Designer at Airbus at Filton, Bristol heads a team of engineers working in Research and Technology looking at wing structure design.

Married to Naomi with two children and living in Chipping Sodbury, (Soding Chipbury to the locals) Peter admits that since taking up golf and with commitments to shooting he now needs to have 5 day weekends and 2 day working weeks – he’s working on that one but he’s lucky that Naomi’s a golfer as well