Charles Dickenson

Charles first experienced fullbore at Cambridge University in 1973 and was immediately hooked. He broke his Tyro status in style with 3rd place in his first TR competition in his first Imperial Meeting, but then took 33 years to better it, with a 2nd in the Daily Mail in 2007. He’s still seeking that elusive Imperial Meeting win . . . although he has a number of county championships to his name, both with Dorset and now Berkshire.

Early success in both the Grand Agg and Queen’s Final in ’80 & ‘81 resulted in his first and only previous GB tour, also to Canada, with the 1982 GB Palma team. He’s been lured back by his memory of the biggest Baked Alaska he’d ever seen.

Shooting subsequently took a lower profile as a growing family and work, first with the Royal Navy then BAE Systems, took priority. Now the children have left home, he claims his shooting and coaching are in resurgence. NRA team tours to the Channel Islands in 2005 & 2008, England caps in National Matches and the European Long Range Championships, and 4 Queen’s Finals in the past 8 years suggest he may be right.

When not shooting smallbore or fullbore, most of his time seems to be spent keeping a rampant garden under some sort of control, walking the dogs and avoiding the ever-growing list of DIY jobs that need doing round the house.

Maths challenge: on his last GB tour Charles was exactly half the age he will be on this tour. How old will he be at the end of the tour?