John Deane

John started his shooting career at Cambridge University, and having been “bitten by the bug” hasn’t missed a NRA Annual Prize Meeting for the last 38 years! He spent the same amount of time working as an engineer and manager in the Defence and Aerospace industry, taking early retirement in 2008 from a multinational joint venture subsidiary of BAeSystems. Now he is a Research Fellow in the Systems Engineering and Human Factors Department at the wholly postgraduate Cranfield University which fortunately has enough flexibility for him to pursue his shooting and other interests.

John has twice been a member of the England National team as well as having been part of the NRA team to the Channel Islands and in a match against the Continental Palma Council. His first Great Britain team appearance was in 2006 on a visit to South Africa. He revisited that country as a member of a Royal Air Force Target Rifle Club team in 2010 with whom he had also competed at Trentham in New Zealand in 2009. This, however, will be his first visit to Canada and thus he is very much looking forward to it. John will be accompanied on the first part of the tour by his wife, Deborah Sabalot Deane.