Gary Alexander

Gary Alexander is an optometrist and company director of Specsavers in Newbury. Having started his shooting career at the Royal School Dungannon ( Northern Ireland) his first visit to England was at the age of 12 to shoot the Imperial at Bisley and his attendance has been uninterrupted since. With 3 children involved as shooters or stats officer it's a family affair and Gary will be doing his best to keep up with his son Jack who is touring with the Athelings.

Having covered 5 continents in the last 18 months with Ireland and GB, Gary is really looking to forward to this tour and to being accompanied by his full time carer. This will be Zoe's first overseas tour, it will be interesting to see if there is a second !!!

Gary also enjoys match rifle, 300m, scuba diving and game shooting. He runs a local detachment of army cadets in Wiltshire and is very much looking forward to the scenery and beauty of Canada and the warmth and hospitality of its' people. Renewing old acquaintances and making new friends to embellish the stories to be told for years to come.