Dominic Harvey (Coach)

Hailing from a small bedouin community in the deserts of the Middle East, where he lives with Victoria and daughter Scarlett and is currently posted as a partner of international law firm Norton Rose, Dominic is our very own answer to Lawrence of Arabia, although none of us can quite remember the question.

A keen sportsman, his love of rugby and golf in particular have taken him all round the world to as many places as his shooting, as a number of broken bodies and lost NR golf balls left behind will testify.

His shooting career started at Epsom College, leading to the Athelings captaincy, and has seen him achieve a number of representative honours and successes, including the British Columbia Grand Aggregate on his first GB tour to Canada, which is too many years ago to mention. From those early halcyon days he has now "matured" into a more regular role in the coaching chair, with an excellent record for GB, England, GB Under 25, NRA and Surrey, including some captaincy duties for the latter two. Never needing much encouragement to stand up after a meal and an avid collector and sampler of fine wine, it is no surprise that Dominic has shed his shy streak, to be appointed as the team's Entertainment Officer.