The Mackinnon Match

The Trophy

The Mackinnon was first shot in 1891 for a purse of £20 donated by Colonel W. Mackinnon, Secretary of the NRA. The following year Colonel Mackinnon presented the present trophy.

Match Background

First shot in 1891, the match was originally open to teams of "Efficient Volunteers" from England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, India, Canada and several colonies, firing five directed volleys at 400 yards.

In 1902 the match conditions were changed to teams of 12, shooting 10 shots each at 900 and 1000 yards. These are the same conditions used today.

The highest possible score is 1200 with 240 v-bulls. The record score is 1176 with 139 v-bulls, achieved by John Warburton's England team in 2012. The highest individual score is 100 with 17 v-bulls, shot by Ed Jeens (Wales) in 2010 and Peter Jory (Guernsey) in 2001.

Previous Winners

England 57 Australia 7 New Zealand 2
Scotland 19 Ireland 2 Southern Rhodesia 1
Canada 15 South Africa 2