14.08.10 DCRA Day 2

Today we continued the pre-grand shoots, starting with the Gooderham at 500y and 900m and then the Army and Navy Veterans at 900m. The winds really started to show what they could do today, with those shooting at 900 first being at a distinct advantage to those who shot it just before lunch.

In the Gooderham, the Adj. was able to put together a very good score despite turning up without any ammo; fortunately his target companion was able to give him some of his. This forgetfulness is rather alarming as the Adj is also in charge of the whole team’s ammo. The Adj, complete with his own ammo, was then able to put in a good score at 500 to win the Gooderham overall.

After lunch the team got together for a practice at 900m. By now the winds had got to full strength and were flicking rapidly between 1 and 11 left, giving us a real challenge but great practice for the team as a whole and the coaches in particular.

The Army and Navy Veterans followed, a 2 & 15 at 900m. The wind had calmed somewhat but was still quite changeable. Most of the team averaged around 72, but David Luckman came through with a 74.9 to win the match.

The final shoot of the day was the tie shoot for the Ottawa Regiment between our Captain and Scott Fulmer of the USA team. The whole team turned out to watch. Jane's sighter was a bull 5 to which Gary was heard to say "She won't convert that, it's what got her into this mess in the first place!" However, this bull had been converted with the result being a further tie after 5 shots at 25.3. Will the Captain ever learn? Sudden death saw Jane land a plum V-bull to Scott’s 5 winning her the match to cheers from the team.

There was not much time to celebrate as we had a mad dash back to the hotel to shower and change into No. 1’s ready for the DCRA “Meet and Greet’ (or Meat and Greet’ as it appeared on the GB team notice board to give an accurate idea to the team of what was involved). We enjoyed a fine roast beef dinner and got a chance to meet old friends as well as make some new.

3 matches in and 3 wins. We’re all looking forward to tomorrow and the start of the Grand and hoping that our run of success will continue...