10.08.10 Ottawa (Arrival)

In common with Vogue, Elle, Gentlemen's Quarterly and other such publications we keep our finger to the pulse and bring you our "guest editor" slot. We hope that both of you, our loyal readers, enjoy this gastronomic diversion while our hard-working scribes give their typing fingers a rest ahead of the barrage of the DCRA Meeting to come. Excitement certainly mounts at this end. The day started with 7am packing after early nights all round following a team dinner to bid the WAGs farewell (no longer a group of WAGAJ, following James' graduation from apprentice to fully fledged WAG) and the buses were packed with the minimum of fuss. All continued smoothly at Calgary Airport, so much so that two of our number took time-out to discover their inner beings with an impromptu tai chi session in the departure lounge with Bruce Roth puffing somewhat as from the Master Tai Chi Yoda Steve Thomas he learnt. The ever faithful Kitty-cam was on hand to record the moment for posterity. One of the team had "accidentally" booked himself into business class on the basis that this must be the lowest class of flight available, although it should be said it did help the excess baggage situation. There followed unprecedented currying favour of the Team Captain when said business class seat was relinquished in her favour, although we understand that full use was not made of the champagne consumption available, which may cause some consternation in certain (Shed) quarters at Bisley.

A broken luggage belt at Ottawa airport caused a slight delay but we were soon on our way with our resident geography teacher leading the way, at least until the highway when she appeared to have a problem distinguishing her East from her West and went sailing off in the opposite direction leaving a rather bemused convoy to head West towards the Barons Inn at Bells Corner. There we were finally reunited as a full complement with Charles Dickenson (aka Admiral Whitebeard) having returned from filial wedding duties in Iowa and Chris Haley and Paul Sykes having joined from the UK. At last. And not that late really. Our fine group of finely tuned athletes were most relieved to have the team's Medical Officer finally on board and it did not take long for the advice to start flowing. This guest editor is highly confident on tonight's showing that this could develop into a regular feature with a Daily Medical Tip providing immeasurable health benefits for the team and both our readers. To set things moving, we offer you two nuggets:

- Why on earth are they bothering to eat salads first? Completely unnecessary use of stomach space.

- Did you know that it is impossible to sneeze while you are shooting?

Good to know that perhaps the oldest medical problem can be cured by an annual membership of the NRA and the purchase or loan of a few simple items of shooting kit, with shoots to be administered three times daily.

We feel better already. The new arrivals were welcomed into the fold over an impromptu steak dinner (on strict medical advice) washed down with appropriate fluids (on strict social secretary advice) and speeches were made by an elder statesman of the team who eloquently welcomed the complete team and set our minds to the tasks ahead with a response from the captain. The social secretary then detailed the histories of certain senior team members for the benefit of the younger ones. Big shoes to fill but this editor is confident that they are up to the task.