03.08.10 Vancouver

Well, Tuesday’s diary begins minutes after Monday’s diary ends. Your correspondent cannot claim to have witnessed the continuing celebrations, and therefore is obliged to rely upon anecdotal reports, some of which are, at best, rather vague.

It seems that the younger(?) half of the team, which included several “young at heart”, retired from Jackson’s Steak House to the now familiar surroundings of the Jolly Miller bar. There ensued a tie shoot, the rules of which seem to have developed as the match continued. Ammunition was a blend of Jagermeister and Red Bull and course of fire two convertible sighters and ten shots to count. Time was limited to two hours.

The result of this prestigious event cannot easily be described as this diary is a “family show”, save that your correspondent shared a room with one of those who completed the tie and who did not leave the room until the team left for Jasper on Wednesday.

And, as already reported, the evening ended with a serenade at the window of our victorious captain in the early hours.

Meanwhile, back on planet earth, those who had planned to leave at 9.00 a.m. to spend a day in Vancouver found themselves in a gathering of two. As others emerged, blinking and recounting earlier events, John Deane, transport manager, called upon all those with driver’s licences to attend the offices of Hertz in Chilliwack, for the completion of bureaucratic formalities to do with vehicle insurance, following misinformation given out by the Vancouver Hertz office on our arrival.

The mundane continued for most of the morning until the first of several Vancouver buses set off. Lunching and shopping seem to have been the preferred activities, with disappointment for some that the famous Hooters was closed, whilst others visited the acquarium, local lakes and hot springs, and the captain spent an enjoyable day with family friends. The vice-captain decided not to stray from base, spending the day on domestic chores.

Charles Dickenson’s wife, Sue, and daughter Annie had meanwhile appeared, to accompany the team to the Rockies.

In the evening, team members busied themselves with packing and preparing for Wednesday’s long drive up to Jasper, a beer and a sandwich being the most ambitious supper reported.