01.08.10 BCRA Open Day 3

Today was an eventful day and one which proved much more fruitful with many people achieving better scores than previously. En route to the Range our chief coach first accused the Captain of altering his driver’s seat until realizing he was just sitting on his packet of biscuits!

We started out at 400m, in a dead calm, which left us with no excuses for not scoring highly. Fortunately most did, in particular our adjutant with a very good 50.8. Unfortunately this was insufficient to win him the competition, so he had to go one better later on at 600m with a very impressive 50.9 to ensure victory in the Vern Barclay competition. At 500m the team was again able to make the most of the virtually windless conditions with many of the team members scoring ‘possibles’.

Back at 600m was where it got a bit more interesting - for all except the Adj who took the conditions in his stride as mentioned above. Not only did the changeable winds start to rear their ugly heads but the high mound and steep slopes of the 600 point created a hazard for some with the diarist taking a tumble down the slope at least 3 times and on one occasion ending up in the fence!

However, one person’s hazard is another’s sporting opportunity and the Vice Captain, flush with success from winning the BC Grand Aggregate, was later seen trying to toboggan down the slope on his shooting mat, trialing (unsuccessfully) both the luge and skeleton positions! He has been gently advised that more practice will be required before he is ready to take on the Cresta Run. Rumour has it that a team rolling competition may take place tomorrow after the conclusion of the more formal team matches.

The Sir Arthur Currie team match then took place at 600m. GB had entered two teams – the GB Tigers, captained by the Captain and the GB Lions, captained by the Main Coach. The vice Captain took a much needed rest and observed proceedings from behind the point. This was a good opportunity for all to show that they could improve on yesterday’s far from perfect team performance - and generally both firing point drill and individual performance seemed much improved.

This match was followed by stage 2 of the International Teams Match, shot at 500m. Again, both GB teams’ performance improved considerably with the Red team dropping only 3 points. But so reportedly did the US team, so all is still very close and to play for at the final range tomorrow afternoon.

The team retired back to the Hotel before the match results had been posted to sort out kit and then enjoy beer and free chilli at the Jolly Miller pub - and to laugh at the latest edition of ‘Kittycam’. The team webmasters are trying hard to find a way for our readers to view Kittycam also. Currently lack of bandwidth is preventing us from sharing this daily gem. However, we will persevere in the interests of our readers’ education and amusement.

Sadly no sun today – and the view of the mountains was rather obscured by low cloud – but there was no rain either so we were happy.

And no sightings of bears either!